About me in 30 Seconds

Good designer copy, Great designer steal

I am a dedicated UI/UX Designer with over four years of experience in the field. My portfolio includes a diverse range of tech and other category- related products, encompassing both mobile applications and websites.

My design process is underpinned by thorough user research, a strong grounding in design thinking, and a keen understanding of user behavior.

I consistently employ the latest trends and methodologies to ensure that my products stand out in the highly competitive market. In addition to my professional roles, I have successfully completed the design of over 100 web and mobile applications as a freelance designer.

My Hobbies


Traveling is my passion, and I’ve already had the incredible opportunity to explore the breathtaking northern regions of Pakistan, including Kashmir, Swat, Naran, and Kaghan. Now, I’m eagerly looking forward to expanding my horizons and embarking on adventures to explore more of the world.


My hobby revolves around a dedicated exploration Of design and its profound impact on our world. I’ve delved into the foundational work Of
UX design through Don Norman’s ‘The Design Of Everyday Things,’ gaining a deep understanding Of user-centric design principles, Additionally, I’ve examined the role Of design in shaping a better world. Currently, I am engrossed in ‘Steal Like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon, a book that fuels my creativity and encourages me to think innovatively. For me, design is not just a casual interest it’s a professional and personal commitment to continuously refine and apply the principles of design to enhance the functionality and beauty of the world around us.


Gaming is my enduring passion, a hobby I’ve cherished since childhood games like Spider Man ‘Forza Horizon ‘Red Dead Redemption,’ and GTA 5′ have been more than games they’ve honed my strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. This deep-rooted enthusiasm has become an integral part of my life, driving me to explore and excel in the dynamic world of interactive entertainment.


Google Certifications

Beyond Interfaces

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Design for the 21st century with Don Norman

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Mobile Ux Design: The Beginner's Guide

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Other UI/UX Certifications

UI/ UX Design Specialization Coursera

Adobe XD Essential Training Design LinkedIn Learn

Figma for UX Design LinkedIn Learn

Designing Micro interactions with Figma LinkedIn Learn

Professional Freelancer

I have completed 100+ mobile and website projects as a successful freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.com you can Visit my freelance profiles by clicking on the links below

Clients Recommendations


l had the privilege of collaborating with faizan on a project to create a cutting-edge salon app, and the results were truly outstanding_faizan possesses an extraordinary talent for UI/UX design, and their dedication to the project was remarkable.


I had the pleasure of working with Faizan on a crucial project to design a user-friendly banking app, and I must say that the results exceeded our expectations. Faizan Ahmed's talent and dedication to the project were truly outstanding


Working with Faizan on our ecommerce app UI/UX design has been an absolute garne- changer for our business. Their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to the project have delivered results that have far exceeded our expectations


I couldn't be more delighted with the outstanding work that faizan has done on our fitness website's UI/UX design. Their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to this project have truly set a new standard for excellence.